Armenian Dinner Concept

Concept Food

Armenian Dinner taking us to Ancient and Medieval Armenia to discover the dishes prepared at the Court at in the Monasteries throughout the Kingdom of Armenia.

Armenian Dinner created by Armen Menharyan in 1998. Armen initiated the first Armenian Dinner Evening in Boston. Armenian Dinner concept determines the link of Armenian traditional cooking to the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and other national cousins and explains the origin of the well-known and rediscovered dishes.

Armenian Dinner idea is promoting elapsed ethnic Armenian cuisine with expectancy to disseminate rediscovered ancient recipes instead of “khorovadz” and “kebab”.  That will make possible to introduce authentic Armenian food as part of World Culinary Culture and enjoy a “spirit” of ethnic food and interpersonal communication.

Armenian Dinner it’s a portrait the traditional meaning of ceremonial/eating habits/culture of Armenian people, explaining the underlying gastronomical, energy and healthy-life themes developed by generations. It includes all elements of fin dining: the timing, hygiene, sitting, eating, sequencing, combining/mixing, seasoning, digesting, ergonomics and energetic, culture of kitchen, cooking methods and equipment used, and other considerations.

Armenian Dinner initiative focused to enhance scientific research of Armenian food culture, improving the knowledge of Armenian novel chefs and promoting wellness life style in cooperation with well-known chefs, restaurateurs and food epicureans.

Armenian Dinner events are catalytic tools to bring people together to enjoy wellness authentic food and possess each other presence via dining, discussion, communication and new discovery.

The main objective of Armenian Dinner is to introduce the tradition of food culture based on rediscovered ancient Armenian recipes as well as social gathering and ethnic Armenian food preparation. Professional chefs, gourmet and epicureans can enjoy the forgotten part of historical food-dining and can appraise importance of healthful diet that was an integral part of the daily lives of the Armenian people in ancient.

This well-conceived concept on Armenian food culture accurately describes ancient Armenian cuisine and became valuable aid to promoting interest in it. It’s not just a dinner; it’s kind of intimacy evening where people can share the knowledge and passion comforting with music and peaceful atmosphere. It’s like Food Theater where ancient Armenian food culture that passed from generation to generation meets nowadays fillings and test.

Armenian Dinner is not just a fine meal – it is our history. It’s a rehabilitation of Armenian tradition of sharing the food with family and friends to induce relaxation and enhance the overall enjoyment of a fine meal that is passed from generation to generation into this day.

AD Main Objectives:

  • Rehabilitation of Ancient Armenian Food Culture (in close collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology an Ethnography Institute of Armenian national Academy of Science)
  • Supporting development authentic Armenian culinary knowledge (in close collaboration with local chefs via provision of training and organization of internship and experience exchange with world famous chefs)
  • Promotion of Armenian Food Culture (via organization of Food Tours, AD events, Outgoing Dinners, etc)