Gayane’s, RU

Gayane’s restaurant, Moscow, 1/4 2nd Smolensky Per.


Gayane'sGayane’s home-style restaurant was opened in February 2011. It’s owned by prominent Moscow restaurateur, Gayane Breiova-Afiyan. Almost all of the dishes on the menu are Armenian. It’s cozier and more inviting than the city’s other classy Armenian restaurants in Moscow. There are so many delicious sounding dishes that it’s difficult to choose. For starters, it had to be aveluk, or wood sorrel, a plant that grows in the mountains of Armenia and is a traditional part of the cuisine. At Gayane’s the dark greeny-brown herb is mixed with chopped walnuts and pomegranate, making a nice spread on the fresh, fine lavash bread. The subtle, earthy flavor wouldn’t be to everybody’s taste, but we found it to be both unusual and delicious.