Food Tour

Authentic Food Tour


From ancient times, food consumption was not only eating exercise, but also ceremonial event that created communication between the person and society, the individual and family.

Armenian cuisine is almost completely original, but as all other cuisines, over time it has adopted several food ideas, cooking methods from different cultures. Various spices, vegetables, fish,fowl and fruits combine to present a unique experience for any visitor of Armenia.

Every region has its typical dishes, e.g. Lory for herbal dishes such as dandur aghcan, pokhindz, Gyumry for grilled beef brains (tavary kyala), Gavar and Echmiadzin for Kuftas. Artsakh is famous for its Jingialov Hatz (flat Armenian bread stuffed with seven sorts of herbs). Khashlama, Buglama, Gapama, different types of pilafs from cereals (e.g. lentil dish), grilled vegetables and potato, fried mushrooms, several types of meat are available almost everywhere.

Armenian regional food famous by tradition of partying outside food preparation. Historically, after fild work farmers gathering together and preparing authentic food in the filed and forest by using wild herbs, vegetables, fruit, meat and spices. On holidays, after the mass in the church, people enjoy food preparation that was also process of learning by doing for young girls.

Today, by visit Armenian regions in the summer you will see a group of people having picnic outside in Armenian’s wonderful nature.

Armenian Dinner Food Tour gives you the unique opportunity to experience the regional food culture. You can join the tour group together with our experience chef and participate in wild herb, selection of locally produced vegetable from farmers market and jointly preparation of authentic regional food to enjoy. It will make possible to discover Armenian food and learn about food preparation.