Founder & Creator Dr. Armen Mehrabyan


Founder & Creator Dr. Armen Mehrabyan


Dr. Mehrabyan herbal tea master and considered as one of the leading experts on authentic herbal ingredients and spices in the world. His PhD on ethno-botany and Food Technology and author of several scientific publications, Armenian Food Culture monograph and conscious food concept. As the founder of ArmenianTea and creator of Ancient Herbals ( and Armeniac trademark ( world’s leading wildcrafted tea brands, Armen rehabilitate ancient Armenian herbal tea culture and spends more than 20 years on ancient manuscripts research and rediscovering infusion practice. Armen is a reputable leader in the specialty tea and spice market. Armen working with wild herb harvesters, buyers, tea testers and fine food chefs and deeply promoting wellness lifestyle oversee.

Similar to herbal tea story, the one of the main objectives that Armen follows was an introduction and promotion of rediscovered ancient Armenian food culture and recipes. Armen started cooking many years ago as an ethnic food lover.

The concept of Armenian Dinner that established by Armen in 1998 in Boston, determines the link of Armenian traditional cooking to the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and other national cousins and explaining the origin of the well known and rediscovered dishes. By developing Armenian Dinner concept, Armen supporting Armenian food culture scientific researches, improving the knowledge of Armenian novel chefs by providing the trainings and promoting wellness life style in cooperation with well known chefs, restaurateurs and food epicureans.

Armen has had extensive experience in Boston, Milan, Paris, Moscow and Yerevan and several Master Call diners with the world known Chefs, such as Ana Sortun recognized best Chef on Mediterranean cuisine by James Beard Foundation and owner of Oleana restaurant, Cambridge, Boston; Alain Alexanian, winner Palm D’Ore 20111 and Owner & Executive Chef of Alexandrine restaurant, Lion, France; Ruth-Anne Adams, Executive Chef of Casablanca restaurant, Cambridge, MA, etc.

As an outside business activity Armen well known as an Agriculture Crisis and Rural Agriculture Development expert and working with UN FAO since 2001.