Armenian Food Culture

For classification of Armenian food diet system, we consider the basic types of a foodstuff that can be subdivided into two main types: vegetative and mammal. At the base of vegetarian foodstuff, we have wild collection and agriculture and as a base mammal food, we have hunting and cattle breeding.

As reception of food important for food system classification, as climatic conditions important for seasonal prevalence for food consumption. In this connection, there is a definition of food application, such asvalley, hilly and mountainous.

By classification of the food supply system, we consider the basic types of an applied foodstuff at allocation of model or a food pyramid. We do not concentrate on the content of the foodstuff basic caloric and it’s used, but our attention addresses on something another, that have been accepted as conditionally minor factors which have been allocated from the general complex of a food pyramid. It’s a Vitality of food that made nutrition’s of food during its reception and preparation in connection with behavioral aspect of its application.

The food supplies not only substances necessary for normal physiological functioning, but also feeds with energy. “Livefull only the food in which the life existed” proverb may be prove not only philosophically, but also from the scientific point of view (A.Megrabian, «Influence of food on consciousness, behavior and character of the person» personal archive notebook #3, page 56). Today we precisely know about how many calories, vitamins, fibers, fats, carbohydrates, etc. is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, but it is necessary to consider, that we forget that very powerful arguments contradicting to the food content acknowledgement. It has confirmed that if the person in the diet used all necessary elements for its body, it doesn’t mean that its organism functions normally or he is healthy. That has a point that during scientific researches we have ceased to consider a life as FORCE that combined with certain kinds of a matter may provide the LIFE. Unfortunately, in the center of our attention we had only the form of that exists as a product-matter.

Characteristic lines of Armenian food culture that have developed for millennia remain up to nowadays. Based on study of written and verbal sources as well as field investigation, we have found expedient to design and illustrate character of Armenian food culture trough Armenian food pyramid. As a basis for Armenians food pyramid, we do not take quantity and percentage of calories of an applied foodstuff in the diet ratio, and take the frequency of using and proportion of the food serving, considering most useful food as desirable. The purpose of drawing this pyramid has evident to demonstrate what is applied as a food and in what frequency definitively, which meanwhile will make possible to understand the dialogue in between what we eat and who we are.

Food Pyramid