The Concept

“Armenian Dinner” is the essence of the traditional meaning of ceremonial eating and conscious food, explaining the gastronomical, emotional and healthy-life themes developed over thousands of years by Armenian people. “Armenian Dinner” is not simply fine dining – it is our history and philosophy of dining. It’s a rehabilitation of the Armenian tradition of sharing the food with family and friends to induce relaxation and enhance the overall enjoyment of a fine meal. It’s a philosophy of conscious food where a human is formed and sustained not by food, but by spirit. In us is something completely different than what we eat. We have completely transformed these things; inside man there is a spiritually altering power that has been forgotten for several centuries, even millennia. We ourselves come from that what lies above simple earth and carbon. Everything that we have in ourselves is not built from the substance of the Earth, but from that which is above this surface — from the Spirit.

“Armenian Dinner” promotes ethnic Armenian cuisine of the past with purpose of reintroducing rediscovered ancient recipes, creating the opportunity to introduce authentic Armenian food as a rich part world culinary culture and discover the “spirit” of ethnic food and interpersonal communication.

“Armenian Dinner” events are catalysts to bring people together to enjoy healthy authentic food and enjoy each other’s’ presence via dining, discussion, communication, and new discovery.

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