Since ancient times food consumption was not simply the act of eating, but also a ceremonial event that created communication between people and society, and also the individual and family. Armenian cuisine is almost completely original, but as all other cuisines, over time it has adopted several food concepts and cooking methods from various cultures. Various spices, vegetables, fish, fowl and fruits combine to present a unique experience for any visitor to Armenia. Every region has its typical dishes for example Lori is known for herbal dishes such as “dandur aghcan” (Portulac salad), “pokhindz” (Milled roasted wheat dish), Gyumri for grilled “kyalla” (backed head of cow) , Gavar and Echmiadzin for Kuftas (meat ball). Artsakh is famous for its “Jingialov Hatz” (flat Armenian bread stuffed with seven sorts of herbs). Khashlama, Buglama, Gapama, different types of pilafs from cereals (e.g. lentil dish), grilled vegetables and potato, fried mushrooms, and several types of meat are available almost everywhere. Armenian regional food is famous due to the tradition of partying outside while preparing food and eating. Historically, after field work farmers gathered together to prepare authentic food in the fields and forests by using wild herbs, vegetables, fruit, meat and spices. On holidays, after the church services, people enjoyed cooking and teaching young girls the art of cooking via hands-on learning. Today, if visiting the regions of Armenia in the summer, you will see a group of people having a picnic outside enjoying the beauty of Armenian nature. Armenian Dinner Food Tours provides you the unique opportunity to experience regional food culture throughout the nation. You can join the tour group together with our experienced chefs and participate in the selection of wild herbs, locally produced vegetables from farmers markets, and the joint preparation of authentic regional food. It allows the participants to discover Armenian food and learn the art of ancient preparation of our traditional foods. Minimum group is 20 person and maximum is 50 person (Started from $10 per person, excluding ingredients cost)


Private Armenian Dinner events are a privilege of our epicurean . Everything is organized for to create a joyful atmosphere similar to what you’ll find at fine dining establishment. The events focuses culinary expertise on ancient-influenced Armenian cuisine, which is enhanced by candle-lit tables and flowers. The service, decoration, and live classical music creates a unique ambiance and strong sense of comfort. Table talk is no problem as the noise level is modest. Minimum group is 20 person and maximum is 100 person (Started from $100 per person)


The “Wedding Royal Armenian Dinner” is a privilege of connoisseur. “Wedding Royal Dinner” services are all delivered in an extraordinary atmosphere which includes a comprehensive food culture and royal menu collection from ancient Armenian manuscripts. This provides an authentic surrounding that at times seems to distract everyone as they analyze the wealth of artifacts on display. Minimum group is 120 person and maximum is 300 person (Started from $50 per person)