Sparkling water freshly spiced with Honey and Lemon juice, pieced with wild calendula flower petals.

Appetizers/ Akrajajik


Roasted flat bread spiced with herb and served with “adva” sauce. It known as a “minister chips” and primary made by Armenian monks from Kolkata.

Salad/ Aghcan

Dzkan Sarnaghtsan

Delicious plate of fresh trout file and bulgur that served with spiced olives, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

This medieval Armenian recipe of Vaspurakan reached us by thanks of ethnographer Dr.Yervan Lalayan

Soups/ Apur

Pipert apur

Traditional soup made from Wild Musk Mallow, spiced with fresh chives, garlic, vinegars and whole wheat. The recipe of this lovely soup of people from Lori region of Armenia was passed from generation to generation owing to grandmother Martho from Odzun.

Main dish/Himnutest


Slightly grilled Lamg meat complemented with wild plume sauce that is spiced with “sacred spice” of Verin Basen region of historical Armenia. Usually serve with side dish made from Karaundz (Wild Celery) leaves.

Side dish/Agander


Steamed newly blossomed leaves of wild celery served with sassafras sauce.


Rose wine

(Chiara’s Italian specialty)


Armeniac Royal Nectar

Caffeine free herbal tea of linden and elderflower

The origin of this blend made by monks of Sanahin Monastery goes as far back as the 10th century. The name “Royal Nectar” suggests that it was a special made for Armenian Bagratuni royal family.



Honey fruit pastry ornamented with roasted walnut and dried apricot and accompanied with seasonal fruit salad. Served with ice cream to present elegance of test. Historical pastry that known as “Royal dinner pastry” of Armenian king Tiran from Atshakuni royal family (338-350) aptitude to Byzantium Impairer Konstantin.

Armenian Dinnet in honor of the South Korean famous filmmaker Kim Ki-duk (Golden Leon and 2011 Kannes Film Festival awarder) and opera soprano Hasmik Papyan at the Tufenkian “Kharbert” restaurant.

Armenian Dinner Evening

 Master class Menu

at Gayane’s Restaurant Moscow


Sparkling water freshly spiced with Clove and sliced lemon


Dzkan Sarnaghtsan

Delicious plate of marinated fish with special sauce of olive and greens.

The recipe of this unique dish discovered from ethnographic research made in Lori region that indicates food dining culture of royal families in Medieval Armenia.

Ingredients: River trout file – 0,2 kg; Grape fresh leaves – 0,2 kg, Bulgur – 0, 1 kg, Olive oil – 100 ml, Balasan – 20 ml, spices


Lalva Apur

Black bean soup with fin roasted walnuts and sour cream

Actually in Armenia we had tree kind of beans from which Armenian was made soups and one of them is Lalva – black bean. This soup is originated from Lori region and it is dated in between 966-991 AC. According to the history it was lovely soup of Lori’s Kyurike King which always was prepared by his wife Aryusak who was also the mother of famous Armenian king David Anhoghin. It was made from selected bean, finds roasted and spiced walnuts and dipped with “arajan” – country stile of sour cream. Then after the similar kind of soup starts to be made by villigares from Lory and was called Lobu Kirkash, which is completely different with her texture and test and for sure that’s not a KING SOUP. (Sources: V.Bdoyan , E.Lalayan, D.Vardumyan)

Ingredients: Black bean– 0,5 kg; Walnuts – 0,2 kg, Sour cream – 0, 1 kg, spices

Main dish

Horti Kutap

Veal rolls stuffed with roasted walnuts in sweet-and-sour apricot sauce, served with stuffed apricot.It was a one of the famous dishes of Gentry’s of the historical Gandzak region of Armenia.

Ingredients & Direction:

500 gram Veal filet are prepared for roll preparation and marinated in ½ portion of ready made sweet-sour apricot sauce. (5 fresh apricot, 1 piece of garlic, 4 gram fenugreek, 2 gram oregano and 10 gram non rapt vine juice are boiled and made a sauce)

50 gram Walnuts are chopped and grilled.

Marinated Veal file are cut and stuffed with roasted walnuts and grilled in olive oil.

For 8 pieces of Staffed apricot we will need grilled in olive oil sliced staff of grilled 2 onions, 2 green pepper and 1squash. These grilled vegetables are stuffed in cornel cleared fresh apricot and put into oven for grilling.

Serving: 4Veal rolls are placed into the plate and from a side stuffed apricot and the rest ½ portion of ready made sweet-sour apricot sauce are add into the veal rolls and stuffed apricot.

Side dish 

Epremakhndzoru bolorak

Mashed potato spiced with blue savory and goat cheese rolled in Lavash.

This delicious appetizer made from Armenian lavash bread role with stuffed with special blend of spiced potato and selected goat cheese and finished in grill. Epremakhndzor was called potato, which is according to story Armenian Katolikos Eprem (1810-1815) bring potato from India to Armenia. (Sources: V.Bdoyan , E.Lalayan, D.Vardumyan)

Ingredients: Potato – 0,5 kg; Goat cheese – 0,2 kg, Lavash – 0, 5 kg, spices

Desserts & Beverages

Fruit salad with lait écrémé and rose syrup

Pomegranate Tea

(Caffeine free herbals)

Ingredients: Sliced Apple – 0,2 kg, Sliced Cucumber – 0,2 kg, Sliced Pear – 0,2 kg, Cub cut peach – 0,2 kg, lait écrémé (сгушенное молоко) – 50 gram, rose syrup –50 gr, cinnamon, cardamom, clove.