Tufenkian Heritage, RA

Tufenkian Heritage, Armenia

http://www.tufenkianheritage.com/ ; www.tufenkianrestaurant.com

TufenkianAt the Tufenkian Restaurants, we are committed to revive this central element of Armenian culture, reawaken our tradition of culinary excellence, and in doing so reinvigorate guests with a true appreciation for the art of dining. We combine fresh ingredients, fresh ideas, and the age-old culinary wisdom of our ancestors, to bring to you our modern renditions of classic Western Armenian cuisine. Our menu is a labor of love. We have traveled to historic Armenian villages and researched local preparations and ingredients, pored over obscure cookbooks, and uncovered long lost recipes preserved only in private collections. We see food as a vital, resilient and living element of our culture, and so our mission to breathe new life into Western Armenian cuisine is ongoing. We continue to search for new and seasonal recipes and ingredients that we feature in an extensive listing of daily specials.